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Privacy Policy

At The Information Review, privacy is important to us. This is reflected in our privacy policy. We intend to uphold the underlying principles of this policy and not just parrot prevalent rhetoric on privacy to merely comply with privacy laws.

This privacy policy applies to this website,, and explains what information is collected when you use this website.

We use two types of cookies:

1. The main type of cookies used on this website are necessary HTTP or browser cookies. These are essential for the website to open when the HTTP request is made by the browser.

2. When a user opens this website for the first time, a dialogue box is displayed containing: (a) a disclaimer about the use of cookies, and (b) a declaration that by continuing to browse this site, the user agrees with our terms of service and privacy policy. This box contains two calls to action-
i) This box can be closed by clicking 'OK'. If you select this option or take no action at all, this dialogue box will be displayed whenever you visit the site and in each case, you can either close it by clicking 'OK' or take no action at all, whichever you decide.
ii) Alternately, you can tick the "Remember this choice" option, in which case the server will remember your future visits to the site and not show you this dialogue box. Unless you tick the "Remember this choice" option, no information about your actions on this site will be stored after a browsing session is over.

Whenever a page on this website is visited, be it by a bot or a human user, the count for the number of views of that page is incremented by 1. No personally identifiable information about the user is gathered nor are their choices across the website tracked. Similarly, if a user clicks on an ad displayed on our website, the number of ad views is incremented by 1 but no other information is gathered by us about the user clicking on the advertisement. However, links in advertisements will always lead to the advertiser's website. We cannot take responsibility for the cookie policy of our advertisers, as set out in our Terms of Service.

While using this website, you will also come across links to other websites. We can not take responsibility for the cookie policy of any third-party websites that you may use by clicking a link embedded on this website, as clarified in our Terms of Service.

Beyond this, we do not use any other cookies or gather any personally identifiable information. We are committed to building an internet where predatory data harvesting is not the norm and only intend to work with such advertisers who are willing to respect our privacy policy. We will not collect or sell any user data to any third party. Furthermore, we will not try to profile our users under the guise of analytics and will gather no personally identifiable information about them except for the necessary cookies or actions clearly stated in this policy. However, no attempt will be made to link the information accessed by these necessary cookies to any individual's identity or browsing choices.

We encourage our users to check our commitment to this policy by clicking on the padlock symbol in their address bar and checking the number of cookies in use at any time while they are using this website.

Last updated: October 23, 2022.

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