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Research Questions
AI-Generated Content: Training AI in Thinking
Apr 14, 2023
One focus of this blog has been the use of advanced computation to solve social problems. For instance, I have...
Research Questions
Capital as the Universal Limiting Factor
Apr 25, 2022
Economists can - and must - argue over the finer points of how money emerged/emerges in a society. In fact,...
Research Questions
The Limits of Capital
Dec 22, 2021
How much capital would be required to permanently end poverty and all other financial challenges including, but not limited to,...
Research Questions
After Nations
Oct 27, 2021
Nuanced critiques problematising the idea of the nation-state have long been in existence and continue to be produced. At its simplest, the nation-state can be seen as one way of organising large numbers of human beings into a cohesive community. The need to critique the very idea of the nation-state stems from the way identities are constructed to provide a rationale for organising a specific population into a certain type of nation.
Research Questions
Planetary Times
Oct 18, 2021
Over very long periods of time, are human beings and any other life forms that they can presently exercise control...
Research Questions
Oct 17, 2021
A helpful way of understanding the emergence of life extension technologies is through the concept of "longevity escape velocity". To...
Research Questions
Ending Violence
Oct 12, 2021
A lot of policy rhetoric speaks of reducing violence in society. But an important question is when can we end...
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