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Technological Change
The End of War
Aug 28, 2022
Since the earliest use of fire at least many hundred thousand years ago (if not earlier), technology has always been...
Technological Change
Social Contract Generators
Aug 03, 2022
Supposing we are able to ward off any possibility of violence and prevent incapacitating aging indefinitely and heal all diseases,...
Social Systems
Democracy Without the Majoritarian Abuse of Power
Jun 11, 2022
While people have tried to critique or defend populism, it has just become necessary in democracies because it helps whip...
Technological Change
Supercomputers & AGI as The Infrastructure for Actually Abolitionist Politics
Jun 01, 2022
It seems unlikely to me that artificial intelligence is headed towards a singularity beyond which it will turn sentient. Any...
Technological Change
Social Planning Through System-wide Computer Simulations
May 15, 2022
Recent advances in the sciences have in no small part been made possible due to the use of high-capacity computers...
Social Systems
Theorising Systemic Change
Mar 15, 2022
The term 'abject poverty' usually invokes an image of dirty-filthy slums in third-world countries. But cleaning up these slums only...
Technological Change
Brain-Machine Interfaces in Public Discourse
Aug 07, 2021
We are past the point in time when brain-machine interface (BMI) or brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies undoubtedly became a part...
Technological Change
Is Energy An End In Itself?
Mar 05, 2021
One problem with the conception of proposed future technologies is that we tend to imagine things as if the foundations...
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